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More than a Student

Jane Baronak is an aspiring filmmaker and artist based in Brooklyn, New York hailing from the vibrant city of Pittsburgh. From a young age, Jane discovered her passion for film and art when her father handed her an iPhone, enabling her to effortlessly capture videos and create miniature stories at the age of 8. This pivotal moment ignited her creativity and set her on a lifelong journey in the world of visual storytelling.

Currently pursuing a major in Film at Pratt Institute, Jane is in her Junior year and is dedicated to honing her craft and expanding her knowledge in the realm of narrative fiction. Her love for storytelling drives her to create captivating and emotionally resonant films that transport audiences into different worlds. Jane possesses a keen eye for detail, utilizing her technical skills and artistic vision to craft compelling narratives that leave a lasting impact.

While narrative fiction is her primary focus, Jane also harbors a deep appreciation for experimental documentary work. She finds inspiration in pushing the boundaries of traditional storytelling, using innovative techniques and unconventional approaches to shed light on thought-provoking subjects. By experimenting with various cinematic styles and techniques, Jane aims to challenge the audience's perceptions and evoke introspection.

Jane's dedication to her craft is matched by her enthusiasm for collaboration. She thrives in a creative environment where ideas are shared and nurtured, valuing the diverse perspectives and talents that each team member brings to a project. Through her work, Jane seeks to foster connections, spark conversations, and ignite change by harnessing the power of visual storytelling.

As a passionate and driven filmmaker, Jane Baronak is poised to make a significant impact in the world of cinema. With her unique blend of creativity, technical expertise, and unwavering dedication, she is determined to tell stories that resonate with audiences and push the boundaries of cinematic art.


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